Holly Hope is the founder of Bikram Yoga Katy. Holly became a fitness instructor while still in high school at the age of sixteen. She later became AAAI Certified to teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. She has taught everything from step aerobics, group exercise, swimming, yoga, became scuba certified and a lifeguard.

In 2010, Holly accepted an invitation to practice with Bikram Choudhury and attended Teacher Training in San Diego that same Fall.

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Brenda Larsen has always been interested in healthy living and being active physically, mostly running, which had begun to take its toll on her knees and lower back. Wanting to find an alternative form of physical activity that would be more kind to her body, and also one that she could participate in for the rest of her life, a friend convinced her to try Bikram Yoga. She was hooked! From a physical standpoint, she had more energy, her lower back pain was gone, her body felt stronger, more agile, and, bonus, she lost a few pounds. But Bikram was not just about physical transformations; her life had been changed from a mental and spiritual standpoint as well. She found that she had more patience with herself and with others, and the little annoyances in life didn’t seem to bother her as much. More than anything else, she loved the peace and gratitude that Bikram had brought into her life. Because at her core, she is a person who enjoys helping people, she considered it a privilege and honor to become certified as a Bikram Yoga Instructor and share this wonderful practice of body, mind, and spirit, with others.

nikkiNikki Donaldson I started practicing Bikram yoga in Fall of 2011. I walked out of my first Bikram yoga class and was amazed by how good I felt. I felt different, lighter physically and clearer mentally. In a short period of time, with regular practice, my body started to transform with stamina and flexibility. My mind became calmer and more at peace. I immediately knew this is what my life needed. Since then, I have practiced religiously and consistently!
I decide to become a Bikram yoga teacher to further my practice and to inspire others as my teachers inspired me. I went to teacher training in Thailand, Spring of 2015. I love teaching and it has been a wonderful addition to my life. It’s amazing watching students progress, heal injuries and realize their unlimited potential. ” WHEN YOU OWN YOUR BREATH, NOBODY CAN STEAL YOUR PEACE” ~Unknown

Zak Perret has a plethora of knowledge on the mechanics of the human body as he has worked in the fitness industry since the age of 21, working as a personal trainer, combat sports trainer and certified crossfit trainer. He has always had a passion for improving both his and his clients lives through training, and found Bikram Yoga, which changed his body more than anything else. The practice has corrected inflexibility and various injuries he has sustained through the years of rigorous training. Knowledge of correct body mechanics help him accelerate the results from his bikram yoga practice and he became certified in the fall of 2010 with Holly. His passion is helping others change their lives through the practice of Bikram Yoga and he loves nothing more than to see his students succeed, helping each and every student get the most out of their practice on a daily basis. You have probably seen him and his wife Christine around the studio and practicing with you.

IMG_0083Dih-Anah Marie Forero started practicing yoga in late 2006. She had graduated college as a theater major and was attending the highly prestige apprenticeship program in Broadway Dance Center school in NYC honing her skills in Ballet; Jazzfunk and hip hop choreography when a former dance classmate convinced her to take a Bikram class. He claimed it would improve her dancing and performance. So of course she jumped at this new venture. In her first class she remembers telling herself: “OH My God! I have to survive!” Still to this day, years after her first class, and 5 years after her 2011 Teacher Training in Los Angeles, she knows this is by far the hardest thing she has done in her life. And the best thing she has done for her life. “How can one put into words the miracle that happens when you do a physical activity that heals you not only physically by putting you in the best shape you have ever been, but also heals you on the inside from all those doubts and stresses daily life challenges you with? How? I simply feel blessed, utterly grateful and honored that now I can pass on to others my experience and what I know and will continue to learn. Never in a million years did I imagine that a Bronx gal like me would be this fortunate. That is the gift of Bikram Yoga: it shows you your power, your passion for life! Trust the process and it works accordingly to what you need in your life.” In addition to Bikram Yoga, Dih-Anah continues to strive for expansion in her knowledge. She recently completed her first 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat where she practiced noble silence throughout the entire time she was there. She knows that the future has endless possibilities; while she continues on this journey of love, growth and expansion she aims to reach as many minds and hearts as possible. It is in the servicing of others and helping them find their own light and potential where the real magic of living is. Whether it is through yoga, movement or meditation her life mission is help others see their better versions. Namaste and Metta to all.

img_3290Dr. Jamechia Hoyle is excited to join the Bikram Yoga Katy team and continue to share her love for the healing benefits of Bikram Yoga. She was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2011 by a co-worker and immediately loved it because she instantly felt relief from a previous sports injury.

She attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2015 in Thailand. Jamechia strives to teach a motivating and fun class. After all, it’s just yoga! She wants each of her students to leave with a smile and a burning desire to come back for more.

Outside of the hot room, Jamechia is a global health consultant and public health professor. She enjoys humanitarian work, traveling the world, high fashion, photography and dancing the night away. Join her class and your will be encouraged to realize the wonderful and limitless health benefits of hot yoga.

Tanja Martin graduated from Bikram Yoga College of India as a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor December 2015.

Born and raised in Germany, Tanja did not start her regular yoga practice until 2011 in Las Vegas. Playing competitive tennis at the time trying to “just “get some stretching in, she stumbled into a Bikram Yoga Class and has loved it ever since. Quickly she gave up tennis altogether to dedicate all of her recreational time exclusively to Bikram Yoga.

Tanja moved to Houston December 2014 where soon that newly found passion turned into a career. She attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training 2015 in Khau Lak, Thailand. With her husbands encouragements and support Tanja has been a full time Bikram Yoga Instructor ever since.

In January 2017 Tanja attended Teacher Training for Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) in St. Antonio, TX. Inferno Hot Pilates is a energetic, challenging workout, fun to teach and offering a great compliment to her Bikram Yoga practice.

“If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it doesn’t CHANGE you” (Fred Devito).

Blythe Hope – With my background in competitive cheerleading and dance growing up, I have always had a passion for fitness. In 2010, my mom, Holly, convinced me to try my first Bikram yoga class. Shortly after, I was heavily recruited to help her open Bikram Yoga Katy in October 2011 as a member of the front desk staff.

In 2014, I moved to San Marcos, TX where I attended Texas State University. During my Christmas and Summer breaks, I would move back home to help with the yoga studio.

In December 2016, I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Around that same time, my mom had the great idea to add Inferno Hot Pilates to our schedule. Before I knew it, she had convinced me to join her at the Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training in October 2017. Then in April 2018, I decided to attend Spring Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Acapulco, Mexico. I thought my Mom was going to burst with excitement, when I told her. I always said I would NEVER go to Teacher Training. Well, let me tell you, I’m SO glad I did. Those 9 weeks changed my life for the better. It challenged me like I never thought it would. I became mentally and physically stronger.

As a coach at Victory Sports, I have always loved helping children and young adults achieve their cheerleading goals. With my Inferno Hot Pilates and Bikram Yoga training, I am now able to help the general public with their fitness and wellness goals. I never imagined my journey would lead me to teaching Inferno Hot Pilates and Bikram Yoga. However, I am happy to be where it my journey took me, because I absolutely LOVE it! Now, here I am waiting to welcome you and be your teacher. See you on your mat!

Christie Kercho – My relationship with yoga began when I started practicing in January of 2010.I remember my first class, and before I knew it, I was hooked! I love teaching as it brings me much pleasure to watch students leave the studio with much satisfaction before they walked in.
I love this yoga for so many different reasons; calms the mind, heals the body, helps with managing stress and anxiety, to name a few. I love this yoga because it works! This led me on my journey to become a yoga instructor; therefore, attending RYT-200 Teacher Training in Puerto Moreles, Mexico in the Summer of 2015. I received my Yoga Alliance Certification through Sterling Hot Yoga Works via Bikram dialogue and the 26 and 2 Hot Yoga Principles.
In October of 2016, I went to Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) Teacher Training in California. Inferno Hot Pilates is an energetic, motivating and super FUN class. It is a training system which combines Pilates principles with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). IHP is a high intensity but LOW impact class which keeps the bones and joints safe. This class helps to burn fat rapidly, develop and strengthen long lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism and creates a strong core all while having super fun! It will compliment your yoga class for sure! I am very passionate about teaching Inferno Hot Pilates because I love motivating people and this class allows me the opportunity to change lives quickly.